Advantages of POWERMOON​®​ LED technology

The most practical light balloon on the market!

Powermoon® uses a patented mechanical system in its balloons, which only takes a few seconds to open / close. The luminaire will continue to work even if its cover should be damaged, unlike competing air filled balloon lights

More And Better Lighting

A balloon light is glare free shadow reduced and spreads light in a 360°circle without any dark spots.

High Portability

A POWERMOON® lighting balloon is small in storage and easy to set up within seconds.
2 POWERMOON® fit in the trunk of a small sedan car, but they are equivalent to a
conventional light tower.


Top of the line LED technology and the most durable materials for the harshest working


Daylight conditions at night wherever needed! Safe and efficient teamwork guaranteed!

German Engineering

POWERMOON® lighting balloons are Made In Germany