When you’re in the construction business, you really need to be able to see what you’re doing, no matter the conditions. Roadwork, heavy construction, building projects and more are typically on very tight schedules. That’s why more and more we see construction work continuing in the dark or even scheduled for nighttime.

That’s where our LED construction lights come in. A POWERMOON® LED balloon light is much more than just a light source. It is capable of producing daylight-quality light that is safe to work in. Set up on to the correct poles, or mounted to conventional light towers, only POWERMOON® LED balloon lights can withstand just about any work environment and weather conditions. Starting with our rugged mechanical structure that opens and closes the balloon and not ending with our high end, high output LED technology.
Flawless Light Quality

Just about any kind of light can be bright, but only POWERMOON® balloon lights cast natural, bright, daylight-quality light in a perfect 360-degree circle. The balloon’s design guards against glare and eliminates dark spots. The result is a safer, more efficient work environment for your entire team, passersby or even in residential areas and neighborhoods.
Portable And Easy To Use Anywhere

Good construction lights and good work lights need to be easy to set up and take down. And really great construction lights will mount to any machine and any set up. POWERMOON® LED construction light balloons deliver in all these regards. Our lights can be packed up and set up again within mere seconds and are available in all voltages: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 230V. (A fact, only POWERMOON® Balloon lights offer worldwide).

In fact 10-12 complete light sets can easily load on one pick up truck to light long stretches of highway
Tough And Weather Resistant

Whether you are in heavy or light construction, it is not just about the light quality. Construction workers are required to be able to work under the toughest conditions: Hot asphalt, stones, sand and gravel, all are needed, but sometimes also in your way.These materials interfere with your tools, not always in a positive way. Hot asphalt sticks to surfaces, stones cut in to fabric etc. On top a huge variety of weather conditions like rain and fog, brutal sunshine and cold nights have an impact not only on you but also on the tools. Naturally the equipment contractors count on needs to be able to operate under those conditions.

POWERMOON® LED construction balloon lights are built to withstand those impacts and to withstand mother nature. In fact our lights don’t just utilize any other companies LED light bar like so many other lights! We design and manufacture our LED systems in house. We only use the highest quality of LED diodes and mount them to our very own specialized cooling and operating solutions which will satisfy the high standards we and our customers apply. We also use only high end materials and components on the balloon light design itself and have developed the most reliable open/close system with our ‘​umbrella style technolog​y’ (no air pressure involved) to make sure: Our lights will hold up in tough work and harshest weather conditions.
POWERMOON​®​, We Have Your Lighting Needs Covered

When you are in construction, your safety and the integrity of your work are vitally important, so you don't want to trust just any lighting company with your needs. That is why the world’s biggest, most successful construction companies make POWERMOON® their construction balloon brand of choice. While we are very proud of that trust, it also reminds us to constantly strive for improving and updating our technology and our service.

For 20 years and counting, POWERMOON®’s company name has been synonymous with durability, reliability, craftsmanship and precision. A construction balloon light from us is a light source you will be able to use for many years to come. Explore the options today and feel free to contact us or one of our many dealers throughout the country any time!