The new POWERMOON® Fiberglass Tripod

The new and outstanding fiberglass tripod offers enormous advantages compared to conventional tripods. POWERMOON® fiberglass tripods are non-corrosive and non-conductive.
As a result, there is no longer any danger in rail tracks or overhead power lines.The bending of the tripod segments is history now, as fiberglass finds its way back into its initial form.
Compared to a commercially available steel telescope tripod, it is about 30% of the weight with the same maximum telescope length.
RRP 453,00 € net excluding VAT
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  • Evolution Leuchtballon
  • Evolution Leuchtballon

  • Max. Height : 3,20 m
    Transport Length : 1,22 m
    Weight : 9,9 kg
    Material : Fiberglass composite (GRP)
    Amatures : Aluminium/ stainless stee
    Tripod intake : DIN standard spigot / swivel head
    Headweight : 16kg max
  • FIBERJACK® Standard

    FIBERJACK® Standard - Aufbau